Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Busyness!

 The summer started out busy and hasn't stopped. We had lots of camps:

Science Camp

Art Camp
Cheer Camp

 Harrison attended his first band camp and had a blast.

Harrison also was in a Local Community Production of Peter Pan.  He was one of the many Lost Boys, he is the one with a coon hat and green shirt.

He was also in his final production of the Stages of Theater acting classes at U of O.  He has been taking acting classes from Ms. Ginny for 7 years and Harrison will miss her and the many friends he made.  He had a solo from "Oklahoma"; he sang to a pretty girl and even gave her a peck on the cheek (so sweet).  He was also in company performances from the "Sound of Music" and "Wicked".

Nash got glasses!  He has adjusted very well and he hasn't broken them yet either.

On the 4th of July we finished packing.  The kids divided 6 days between both sets of grandparents.

AND Amos and I went on our first cruise to the Bahamas!

There was ice cream and pizza available 24 hours a day. 

Amos won the Ping Pong tournament and this fancy "plastic piece of ship."

We had one day in Freeport Bahamas.  We went to the beach and then walked around the market.

We thought we would show the kids what a payphone looks like.

We also had a day at Nassau Bahamas.  We went snorkeling (Amos talked me into it) and I really had a good time.  Then we walked around downtown and ate at Senor Frogs.

On the ship; we played mini golf, lounged by the pool, went to several different shows, ate and ate some more, and had lots of "me" and "us" time. We had a relaxing vacation (without kids).  
It was very nice!

At the end of July, I loaded up all 4 kids and headed to the big city of Batesville, Arkansas for 5 days.

Harrison was accepted to attend the T Tauri Film Festival Movie Camp. There were 7 kids (in each group) who wrote a script then filmed a 6 minute movie in 3 1/2 days. He loved it and I have a feeling we will be going back to Batesville next summer.

Amos came up for the movie finale on Saturday.  And on our way home, we took a detour to Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Bat Poop! They were more excited about the bat poop than the cave.

Layla got braces!
We have a couple of more weeks of summer left before SCHOOL!  As the kids get older, the summer seems to get shorter.

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