Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Everything In Between

Harrison got his 2nd deer, a spike, but it was big.

Dylan being a "turkey", she usually is, at her Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program.

Thanksgiving Day Photo!

Ready for the Christmas Parade!

It wasn't too cold this year, but we still had to have our traditional popcorn and hot chocolate. There is one thing (person) missing, Layla, she rode on the TGIC Saints Cheer-team float. This makes me sad; we usually all watch the parade together. She's growing up and I can't stop her.

Six little birds sitting on a fence...
This is what happens when we fence in our yard. All the neighbor kids can't walk thru the gap.

There's only one reason to fence in our yard, right?
Yes, we finally broke down and got a DOG!
He is a Toy Australian Shepherd and his name is Pepper.

The girls wanted to take Pepper to Show and Tell at school.
Dylan and Pepper

Dylan is the one who asked Santa for a fence, so we could get a dog. Did I mention, she loves, loves, loves this dog? She will not let the dog walk. But she also does not complain when it is raining and someone has to take the dog out to take care of his business. She even held the umbrella over the dog.

December was busy as usual.

Harrison was in Nutcracker again; he is the redheaded one. HA! We couldn't take pictures during performance, so this is with my phone camera at the curtain call.

Layla with her Cheer-team, doing pyramids. They were ringing the bell to raise money for Salvation Army.

Family Christmas #1
Headed to Grandma and Peepaw Turnipseed's house

Nash loves Pepper and also torments Pepper.

Family Christmas #2
Christmas morning
I ask the kids to hold up their favorite gift.
Nash is holding a Ben 10 watch, Dylan is holding gummie bears, Layla is holding an iPod Touch, and Harrison is holding a book.
Which one do you think is our high-maintenance child?

Family Christmas #3
Baker Family at our house. We had about 13 kids, I lost count and all the adults that went with the kids. It was a house full and I loved it. The first time we didn't have to leave our house on Christmas Day, and it was nice.

Nash was sick and wouldn't look at the camera. He was also being a little contrary; I know you find that hard to believe.