Thursday, November 3, 2011

September and October

Dylan has wanted to play soccer since last year and she is finally old enough.

She is loving it...she is the only one on her team who doesn't ever want a break.

She has got quite a big kick. She might have found her sport and if not she is having lots of fun. She has the biggest smile on her face during practice and during her games.

Harrison started Cotillion this fall. I don't think he would admit it, but I believe he is enjoying it. For anyone who doesn't know (I had no idea until I read up on it), Cotillion is where boys and girls learn dances, proper way to eat at social gatherings, introducing each other, proper rising when a girl comes or leaves table, how to shake hands, home and party manners, and other helpful things. They dress up for every class and will be participating in two balls. Doesn't he look handsome.

There was a birthday party for one of our cousins at Nana and Papa's cabin.
Three little monkeys sitting in a tree...thankfully no monkeys fell out and bumped their heads.

We tried to keep the kids out of the creek, it didn't work. The water was COLD, but they played until their lips were blue.

We took the kids to Nana and Papa's lake to fish and play in the paddle boat. Everyone caught a fish except Nash; he wanted to ride in paddle boat and throw rocks in the lake. Although he did get some of the rocks in the lake a few ended up in his own eye. I know what your thinking, it takes talent to throw a rock and have it land in the same eye 3 times.

We surprised Layla (and one of her best friends) with a trip to see Taylor Swift for her birthday. Amos and I had just as much fun as they did. The opening act Need to Breathe was terrific as always and then Taylor Swift came out and sang for about 2 1/2 hours. It was probably my favorite concert to date and Layla had a blast.

Spirit Week at Sequoyah!

50's Day

Mix Match Day

Camo Day

Boot Day

Dylan's 1st Field Trip - Johnston's Pumpkin Patch

My mom came with us to the pumpkin patch, so Nash could come. We also invited Tristan, my sister's son. They are two peas in a pod with a little extra trouble thrown in.

Halloween Costumes - Take One
We had a Halloween Party and this is what everyone wore.

We decided not to carve pumpkins this year, so we sequined ours.

Halloween Costumes - Take Two (Nash broke his Knight helmet at the party)
So I dug out Harrison's Woody (Toy Story) costume. I tried to put a gun in his holster, Nash says "Woody doesn't have a gun." I had to look at a picture on a lunch box to make sure. He was right; that boy doesn't miss much.