Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Time Fun!

We have had a busy summer already. Camps, VBS, swimming and enjoying a few weeks of nothing. By nothing I mean we don't have to go to the same place everyday. We still have swim team practice, cheer team practice, and piano lessons throughout the week. Here are some photos from what's been going on so far at the Turnipseed house.

Cheer Camp

Baker Family Reunion

Cousins! We are missing 2 Baker and 2 Coffman cousins.
No one was sitting close to Nash, because he was the only one dry. He didn't feel very well, so he wasn't playing in the creek.

I kept my sister's two boys for a week in June. Tanner is 8 months and Tristan is 4 years old. We had lots of fun and it was a little crazy.

Layla fed, rocked, and played with Tanner the whole week. She was given the name "little momma". She is so good with little ones.

These two monkeys played hard together, and they also got in trouble together.

They loved playing dress-up and also throwing toys and whatever else they found down our laundry chute.

They also enjoyed spitting water at each other IN THE HOUSE, unrolling the toilet paper, taking the clothes off the rack, and just making lots of messes. This is as close to having twins as I would like to experience. They both new they would get in trouble and continued to do these things over and over; they would feed off each other. It was a very exciting and tiring week!

Before it turned too hot to be outside, my friend, Melissa, and myself took our kids for a bike ride. Here's the crew, 6 kids on bikes, one in stroller (yes, Nash can ride, but I have to run to keep up with him and it was still HOT!).

4th of July
We did the family thing on July 3rd at Nogo. We ate hamburgers, played in the creek, the guys played horseshoes, and just enjoyed good company. After we got too hot to stand it, we drove back down the mountain to mom and dad's pool.

On the 4th, we just laid around the house and grilled some good food. Then we drove out to Pleasant View Park to watch the fireworks. It was right beside Amos' work, so we parked inside the fence and had pretty good seats.

Dylan took swimming lessons. She was the only one this year, but Nash really wanted to. I told him I would give him lessons. So today we went swimming at Nana's and guess who was jumping off the side and swimming to me under water. Yes, Nash! I think he is going for the record "youngest to do everything".

I decided to clean my car out, something I try to avoid. I left my cleaning water sitting in the garage. I can't find Nash, so I look in the garage (this is his favorite place to be) and this is what I find.

It's too hot outside, so this is what the girls found to do.
Face painting (washable markers) and Twister with the friends.

One hot Saturday we took the kids on their first bowling trip. They had a lot of fun and it wasn't too bad expensive.