Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Wrap Up

Layla received an award for completing 3 AWANA Sparky books. We are so proud of her!

Harrison sang "Oh what a beautiful morning" from the musical California at his end of year Acting Class showcase.

5th grade field trip to the Clinton Library

Mother's Day-I received lots of homemade crafts, which I love! Also, Amos bought me this chair I have been eying since last year at Pier 1. It was a wonderful day!

Piano Recital

We have wanted to build a raised garden for a long time. We thought we were late planting, but since all the rain in April, it worked out well. The kids were very excited to plant and now they are enjoying watching them grow.

This is Nashes contribution to gardening.

Finally, it is sprinkler season.

Crafty Kids

Nash likes to play his PS (he heard his big brother talking about his DS, so he calls the old Gameboy a PS). All I do is turn it on and it plays the intro over and over, and Nash thinks he is playing it. I tried to put it on PLAY and he said, "it not working, it broke".

Snuggling after showers.

Harrison singing in the 5th grade Honor Choir - 44 students chosen after auditions
They sang songs from around the world, Spain, France, Afica, and other places. They did a great job.

Harrison also sang Owl City's "Fireflies" in the 5th grade talent show. He must have gotten his talent and his stage presence from his dad.

Nash found one of Harrison's many costumes and wears it at some point every day. Even Batman needs to eat.

Nash loves his bike, rides it everyday. Amos took the training wheels off yesterday, just to see how he would do (he is ONLY 3 and not even potty trained-don't judge, you can't make them, they have to want to). So here he is riding a two-wheeler, he got on and just took off. Out of 4 kids, Nash is the youngest and the quickest to learn to ride a bike.