Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day

I am finally blogging about Valentine's Day. It has been crazy around here. We have had more sickness this past 4 weeks than all last year. All the kids went to school yesterday, so right now we are all good. I had planned on making these cute suckers for the kids to take for Valentine's, but it didn't happen. The night before Dylan's party, I had remembered seeing this cute and easy Valentines. I forgot to take a picture of Dylan's, but got one of Layla. So here is the final result:

These were super easy and simple. Take photo, print on cardstock (photo paper would have looked nicer, but more expensive), cut two slits, and insert sucker, DONE!

I hope to have pictures of Harrison's Valentine Tea at the 5th grade soon. I didn't take my camera; I was a server. A friend took some photos of Harrison and of us together. I hope she emails them soon.

What do you think Nash is trying to do?

WINK! This makes me laugh.

Friday, February 11, 2011

More Snow Days!

What did I say in my last post, something about having only a little snow for ONLY one day. We got MORE snow and many more snow days. This is a little of what the Turnipseeds have been up to on our days at home.

Playing games inside, where it is warm.

Eating lots of yummy treats. No we are not vampires, Nash has found a new drink he likes, Bolthouse Farms-Berry Boost.

This is what happens if I leave my two-year old alone in his room for too long.

The kids get to wear whatever they want when we aren't leaving the house. If Dylan wants to wear a sundress and fuzzy boots, go for it.

Nash loses toys all the time. On this day, he was just playing with his horse and then he couldn't find it. After awhile he forgot about it. I went into the pantry to fix dinner and what do I see on the shelf. Can you spot it?

Nashes horse, I called him to come see what I had found. You would have thought he won the lottery, he was so excited.

Of course we played in the snow.

We have had lots of friends over to play and spend the night.

More snow playing.

I asked her to put on some clothes and go get the newspaper. When I see what is taking so long, this is what I see. No clothes, short pajamas and snow boots, playing with an icicle. What!?!

This is our neighbors pretty yard, no tracks, doesn't it look serene.

This is our yard, doesn't it look chaotic, stressful and beautiful! It looks like kids live here.

Amos and I joke about how do you know kids live here? The above picture is proof and I have taken several over the past years. Here is one I took a few days ago.
Amos is drinking wine out of a glass that is NOT easily turned over and eating a cheese stick.