Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Christmas Activities

Layla and Dylan went to a neighborhood "gingerbread house making party". They had lots of fun!

Four elves delivering goodies to a new neighbor.

I love this photo, he looks so sweet and innocent (looks can be deceiving).

Heading to church.

Christmas Break has been lots of fun especially with the nice weather outside. The kids have enjoyed the trampoline.

And when it has been too cold, they have enjoyed the garage.

Christmas morning!

We are heading to Papa and Nana's and then to the Baker family Christmas at my cousin's. I just couldn't resist adding yet another photo by the tree. Nash would not just smile and look at the camera. Ahhhh, two-year olds. We had two full days of Christmas. We feel very blessed to have our family so close.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

November and the start of Christmas Activites

My dad is having a pond dug and wanted us to come take a look at the progress. Of course, the kids found this HUGE mountain of dirt. They had all climbed to the very top and I snapped this shot.

November 1st, Layla turned 8. She had her first slumber party with 4 friends. We made night shirts, ate pizza and cake(Layla and I made a "Sleepover Cake"), and then they watched a movie. She had a blast and I did as well.

Layla was in the "Square Dance" portion of the 2nd grade musical. Here she is with her best friend.

Buttermilk Deer Camp

Nash loves wearing things on his head, boggins, doo-rags, underwear, he doesn't care.
He looks like a skater dude in this photo. (I probably have several words misspelled, but this is my blog.)

Harrison was one of five Elvis' in the 5th grade musical. He is the one in white.

Dylan in the 4 year old Thanksgiving Program at Mother's Day Out. The older 4 year olds were Pilgrims and the younger ones were Indians, it was really cute.

Granny Baker with some of her great grand-kids. This year we had Thanksgiving at my cousin's house, because Granny has been in the nursing home for a few weeks. It was more spacious and very nice, but it was not the same. I miss being crammed into Granny's little house.

In the past my Advent calendar has been frustrating. I couldn't fit 3 or 4 candies or small anythings, so I would end up having quarters or maybe a M&M for each child. I wasn't satisfied with that, so I was searching for something different. I came across a blog (Sorry, I don't know which one. I look at too many!) and she put slips of paper in her small boxes with acts of kindness or fun stuff to do. Why didn't I think of that? So here are a few pictures from a couple of the days activities.

"Make Paper Snowflakes"

Nash was allowed to use some very dull scissors and he was really getting into it.

"Go to watch the Downtown Christmas Parade"
We sat by our good friends "The Hughes".