Friday, November 26, 2010

Vacation, Birthday, Baby, and Halloween

August, September, and October Catch up.

Before the kids went back to school in August, we went on a long weekend vacation to Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas. We went to the Wonderscope (Children's Museum), Kansas City Zoo, Cabela's, swam at the hotel and on the way home we drove to the T-Rex Cafe. Amos and Harrison also went to a Royals vs. Cubs Game. We had lots of fun!


Kansas City Zoo

A nice lady offered to take a family photo.

A HUGE statue in front of Cabela's. Look closely to see Nash, not wanting his picture taken. Two-year olds, what fun!?!

Our last night in Kansas City, we went to a "fancy" restaurant.

T-Rex Cafe, very cool, had lots to look at and fun stuff to do.

Dylan turned 5!
She had her first "church" friend party at our house. We made bandanas, ate cake and hit the horse pinata.

2 months old!

5 years old!

On Labor Day Weekend, we visited some friends camping at Lake Ouachita. It was beautiful there. We played games, swam, made smores and rode bikes.

The next day Dylan decided she needed to learn how to ride her bike without training wheels. She practiced for most of the day by herself, she wanted no help from mom or dad. She was riding a two-wheeler by that afternoon.

On September 9th, I became an aunt for the 4th time. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Tanner Lee.

Proud big brother, Tristan, and Tanner.

At the end of September, Amos turned 36. I surprised him with a weekend in Chicago. It was just what we needed, to get away. We walked, rode a boat, rode the "L" train, rode an airplane, rode in a taxi, and rode in a rickshaw all around Chicago. It was exhausting, but lots of fun. We decided we are going to take the kids sometime in the near future, there was so much the kids would love.

Time for a haircut!


I know not much different. I couldn't do it, he has such pretty hair. We did get a trim:)

Ridiculous Day!
She is still beautiful.

The first time in this neighborhood. Everyone said to have a lot of candy. So after we trick or treated for about an hour, we came home and gave out candy. I sat in a chair on the porch, there was a constant stream of kids. I gave out all our candy in about 45 minutes. It was CRAZY!! There were hayrides with 20 or so kids on them and people walking up and down the neighborhood until after 9 o'clock.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New House

Our house was started 6 months plus a couple of days before we moved in. It was exhausting, at times stressful, and fun. Yes, I said it, Amos and I both enjoyed the process. No, I do not want to build another one anytime soon, but I did have fun. You may notice a few unfinished things in the house; can you believe it, we haven't finished every detail? (I am married to a Turnipseed-Ha Ha) But really, I am very blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father, who built this house for our family. I can't believe we live in such a beautiful home and it isn't just the paint color or the cabinets or the floor, it is because of the laughter and the love our family shares.
Finally, here are a few house pictures.

Amos and his dad layed and finished all the hardwood floors. We have no carpet(except Reading Nook), but lots of area rugs.
In the foyer, over the half bath and study, there will be stained glass. Also, the doorway into kitchen will have a clear transom.

We haven't had our fireplace surround made yet, but the mahogany came in yesterday. Hopefully soon!?!

Off of the living room we have a screened in porch.

Office-very cluttered, we don't have enough bookshelves and we are using Harrison's little desk.

Master bedroom and bath. I didn't have to buy anything for our room, besides the rug and it was not a great-cheap find. But I love it! Also, Amos had to have this old trunk in the room, so I embraced it and made it one of our bedside tables. And I actually like it now.

Nashes "baseball" room, as he calls it. But it is actually all sports theme. My dad made the bedside table and my mom painted my iron bed that I slept in. I had to get creative when decorating 5 bedrooms, so my favorite find in this room is the $15 Pottery Barn quilt and sham. My mother is the best at finding bargains and she found this one and I love it.

Nash was "helping" dad finish nailing some quarter round on the landing. I found the iron balusters online and it was cheaper than wood painted. Don installed them with some help and I am loving them. Don also did both staircases and one of them is completely finished:)

This is obviously Dylan's room. She is a horse, dog and animal lover, so we did a horse theme. I decided to do themes for the two younger kids. Mom painted an old iron bed, Don made the bookshelf and dresser, and my dad made the shelf hanging on the wall out of walnut and horseshoes. Also, my mom made a boot lamp from an old boot, it is so cute. It is sitting on the dresser (sorry,it is hard to see). My favorite find is Dylan's rug for $30, it could not have been more perfect. I was in Tuesday Morning buying Nashes rug and spotted this. It is not the softest, but she doesn't mind.

In Harrison's room he chose the color (I gave him a few options) and it is a favorite. Don made his bed 8 years ago and Harrison did not want to give it up. I think it fits his room nicely. He loves music and movies, so I incorporated some of those things. I don't think I went overboard. The director's chair is where his desk will be when we find one for us. My favorite find is the director's chair, I found it on an online auction list and a family friend picked it up for $5. It was green with yellow fabric-not pretty. My mom repainted the chair and had the fabric remade and my friend painted Harrison's name on it. So very cute!

Layla's room is my favorite. I had so much fun searching for the decor. My mom painted an old iron bed for her as well. The vanity was dark navy and I sprayed it bright pink and put new knobs. Don made her armoire (don't think I spelled that right). The gallery wall was old frames I sprayed pink. She loves to draw and create! My favorite find is the old chandelier for $30, I bought off of ebay and sprayed it glossy black. I love it!

The game room upstairs is a little empty, but the kids seem to like it. There is a craft area, reading area and lots of space to jump, dance, and play. We also have a closet/wash up area. It can become a 1/2 bath later if we need it. The rug is my favorite find in this room. National Home Center had a going out of business sale and I got it for less than original, not cheap though. But I saw it and new I had to have it.

This was an afterthought: we saw this area in the attic and thought it would be a fun hide out. Later we decided to call it the Reading Nook. We store a bean bag, extra blankets and pillows. The kids love to climb in there and just relax. This is the only spot with carpet, we had a remnant from our other house and I cut it to fit the space.

This was originally the storage room, but we had more attic space elsewhere. So this is now the exercise/Karey's craft, gift wrapping, home decor room. The name should tell you why I did not take closer picture (it is messy). I need to do some organizing.

There is a stairwell off gameroom and ends up in mudroom.

Back downstairs:

The kitchen is where I spend most of my time and I am loving it. The table with Nashes arm on it is not that close to the island. We were moving old table out and new one in and I decided to take picture then (Why? Because the kitchen was clean). My favorite place in the kitchen is behind the white doors, my walk-in pantry. I will not take picture until organizing fairy visits my house.

This is my laundry, notice it has a door. This was a must, I did not want to walk in from garage directly into dirty laundry. I love the green I chose, it makes doing laundry more fun (not really, but I do like my laundry room). My favorite find is my light over the sink. It was just what I envisioned and I found it, don't you love when that happens.

My mudroom, aahh!, this is what I feel walking into it. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything, now only if I can get my kids to put there things in its place, sigh.

Our back deck is big, but we are a big family. We just recently got it stained and sealed. We have ceiling fans, and we actually sat out there in August.