Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Photos From the Past 6 Months

The following are just like the title says, "random photos". I don't think I can catch up with what has been happening. So the following photos have small captions.

Harrison, Layla, and Dylan in the Church Spring Choir Musical. Harrison had the lead role and several solo performances. He nailed it, I don't know where he gets his acting and singing ability (not from me).

Nash and his dog.

Harrison in the Sequoyah Talent Show. He wanted to play piano instead of sing this year, and he did great.

Both Layla and Dylan had their front teeth missing at the same time.

Harrison also was also in the 4th grade Musical, which he had a solo performance as Captain Hook.

Nash has been randomly selecting something to sleep with, today the bat. It has been play horses, hats, cars, he doesn't have a preference.

Harrison enjoying the end of school year Luau! Off to middle school. What!?!

4th of July

Nash and Dylan playing in the creek by Nana and Papa's cabin.

The majority of our June and some of our July was taken up by finishing the new house and packing. Don't forget to pack this one!

Amos and I were also taking Harrison to and from swim practice 2 or 3 mornings every week for the month of June and July. This is his first meet. He really enjoyed the swimming, but not getting up early during summer.

Last family photo in our Ridgewood house, July 18th, 2010. We lived here for almost 8 years, had 3 children here, added a master suite and remodeled every room. We loved living there. We just ran out of space.

This is one of the first photos of the new, finished house. Our good friends from Colorado, The Sapps, came to visit us.

One of the first things the kids wanted to do in the new house was "play" in mom and dad's shower.

More random, new house and vacation photos coming real soon!