Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Catchup

We stayed close to home for Spring Break. We went on a few day trips around Arkansas. The most fun the kids had was when we went to the Little Rock Zoo. We took my sister's boy, Tristan, and we had so much fun.

Easter Sunday! I kept reminding myself what Easter is really about and that it is not about the "coordinating" clothes or whether I get a good "Easter" picture. After taking 23 pictures; I did not get one shot of everyone looking and/or smiling. I hope they make you laugh out loud, I sure did.

Easter at Granny Baker's house:

All the kids are waiting patiently until all 200 eggs are hidden.

Granny Baker with her great-grandkids
and Papa (my dad) eating an egg in the background.

Harrison turned 10! I cannot believe it, my baby is a tween, scary.
We took him and 6 friends to play at Xtreme Lasertag. They had a lot of fun.

A few Nash tales and pictures:

We finally got Nash his birthday present and we can't keep him off of it. He rode to our friends house, it is about 1/2 mile there, and he rode all the way back. He calls it his "cycle". If he isn't riding something, he has a ball in his hand. All Boy!

Last week all the kids were outside playing and I was on the computer, when I heard a strange noise. So I go check it out and I search around.
This is what was coming down the hall of our Master Bedroom. He was pedaling as fast as he could. He knew he was in trouble.

Did Nash eat a lemon?

No, only a strawberry.