Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Days!

These photos are from the 1st of January. The kids had so much fun in the 1" of snow we got. I on the other hand was ready to get back into our "normal" routine, after enjoying all the kids for 2 weeks over Christmas break.

Today, we woke up to no snow and no school. It is 10 am and my kids are still in there pajamas. I love days like this; we don't have to go anywhere. They have already made a fort for all the stuffed animals, made numerous lego towers, and made a very loud train line. We haven't even made it outside yet.

I have started a file with photos I call "How do you know kids live here?". This is the most recent addition.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve Amos' dad and Myra came over and we had an untraditional dinner of Vegetable Curry and Tabouli (one of Amos and my favorite dishes). Christmas morning the kids were up early of course and loved the presents Santa gave them. We played at home with our new toys and then went to my parent's house. We opened presents and visited with my sister and her family. Then we drove a half mile to my Granny Baker's house and ate with cousins, uncles and aunts, there were 37 adults and children in my Granny's tiny house. There was no room to move, but it was nice to see everyone. We left there about 4 pm and drove to Amos' uncle Glyn's house and visited with there family and of course ate again. Overall it was very good Christmas and feel very blessed to have gotten to spend it with family. Over break we went to Branson (our gift to the kids) for a couple of days and the rest of the time was spent playing. On New Year's Eve we had some friends over and we ate and celebrated the new year early. Everyone was in bed before midnight. Here are a few photos from the past 2 weeks.

If you look closely at the top of the shorter tree, Dylan has added her own personal tree topper.

Future engineer, already calculating.

Harrison went with the 4th graders to the Capital in Little Rock and sang Christmas songs. Afterward the Governor came and they had their picture taken with him. Harrison is on the far right, 4th row from bottom.

The weekend before Christmas we drove up Mt. Nebo to see Santa, the girls were the only ones that wanted to sit on his lap at first.

Nash decided he would, but then quickly changed his mind. Look at the Santa's hair and hat, it is about to fall off. It eventually came off and Dylan says "you are not the real Santa". So we quickly come up with this... this Santa is only a helper, because the real Santa is way too busy to let all the boys and girls sit on his lap.

Going to church the Sunday before Christmas, we were asked to light the 4th Advent candle. I was very nervous about whether Nash would let me hold him while Amos read scriptures. Nash didn't squirm at all (prayer helped) and Harrison lit the candle like a pro.

Layla with her American Girl from Santa.

I almost didn't put this picture in, my son is a typical boy, holey pajama pants, no shirt, and his hair looks like he slept in a hat. Oh well, he doesn't care he got Mind Flex from Santa and is very excited.

Dylan riding on her sit-on horse from Santa. She has named the horse Jessie and drags it around by the reins.

Nash got a tricycle from Santa, which he rides all the time.

We were at my parent's house. Dylan is cheeseing and Nash looks like he had rather be somewhere else. It is so hard to get a good family picture.

Yes, he ate a blue marker.