Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Family Fun

I just LOVE Fall. We have been enjoying the cool and dry weather. As always, we have been very busy.
Harrison won 3rd place for design at the AWANA Grand Prix. Amos was a little disappointed, but not surprised he didn't win for speed. That is what happens if you wait until the last minute to make a car. However, Harrison was excited to win a trophy of any kind. Good Job, Amos and Harrison!

Dylan Paige wore Layla's Camo Cutie hat for the letter H to Mother's Day Out. I have to agree, she is a cutie.

Sequoyah's Nifty Fifty's Day

I was not feeling well, so I told Amos, I am going to sleep in the next morning. At 6 am - I hear all the kids up, but I am trying to go back to sleep. Nash is also up and they are all in the living room with the TV on. About 15 minutes later, I hear Layla yelling, "Get mom, quick, it is an emergency." I jump out of bed to go see what is going on. I find Nash walking toward me with an opened bottle of purple nail polish. I look around and it is all over the rug and all over his leg. Nothing like the smell of Fingernail Polish Remover to wake you up.

Nashes first fight at school; I didn't see the other guy, but I don't think Nash won!


On October 30th, I try to find a pumpkin to carve with the kids. I search everywhere, finally I go by Kroger and get the 2nd to last pumpkin. Later, when I get it out of the car, I realize the back is very squishy and we can't carve it. So we improvise, we use glue and glitter. The girls love this, Harrison wasn't too excited.

We were about to head to the Russellville Downtown Fall Festival.

Halloween! 2 tigers, a pumpkin and Ron something from Harry Potter.
We went trick or treating around our neighborhood; the weather was very nice.

Another year has passed and my little girl is now 7. I took Layla and two friends to eat at her favorite restaurant, La Huerta, and then we went to the movies.
Layla 7 months old!

Layla 7 years old!

The following is a sequence of pictures capturing one of Nashes many yelling (for no reason) fits. Yes, he has crackers in his mouth.