Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dylan Paige turned 4!

Dylan turned 4 at the end of August and we celebrated with family and friends at Nana and Papa's pool. Of course she wanted a horse on her cake.

On a Sunday afternoon we went and ate at our favorite restaurant in Conway, Fuji Steakhouse. Yes, Dylan is using chopsticks, no I am not. All the kids want to try and eat like dad. Harrison is pretty good at using the chopsticks, but Layla and Dylan usually are eating with a fork by the end of the meal.

She is probably calling her agent. She is very dramatic and sassy to boot.

Nash loves to get water out of the refrigerator, however it usually is locked and no water really comes out. But mom forgot to lock it and when I found him he had managed to make a pretty good puddle and get himself real wet too.
He is upset because I locked the refrigerator and he can't continue to make a mess.

Our first few weeks of school have gone well, just trying to get back into a good routine. We also have acting, AWANA-Wednesday night church, gymnastics X 2, piano, and soon we will start church choir and Nutcracker rehearsal. We stay busy, but are having lots of fun. Nash and Dylan started back to Mother's Day Out and are having fun and I am enjoying 5 hours a week without children. It is good for everybody. Amos and I usually have lunch and some adult conversation (usually we talk about the kids, but at least we get to finish a sentence without interruption).