Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break and Other Tales

First of all, Spring Break was not long enough. However, we did have a good time. The kids had been bugging me to paint canvases, so we got out the paint brushes and went crazy. The following are of the kids' art, Harrison and Layla did theirs all by themselves. I helped Dylan, okay I pretty much did hers and she got to paint in some of the colors.

Harrison is really into piano, so he wanted to do something musical.

Yes, she drew a bee all by herself. She says she wants to an art teacher. I think that is perfect for her, she loves to be in control and boss people around. Plus she loves drawing, painting, coloring, and any other crafty thing.

The next day we drove up to Fayetteville and stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool. This is the only requirement my children have - POOL! We could have stayed at the Hampton in Russellville for all they cared. We swam and relaxed, then the next day we drove up to Gentry to the Drive-thru Safari Wildlife Zoo. It was really neat, all the animals got named by movie characters the kids know. So we saw Marty, Alex, Melman, and Gloria from "Madasgcar" and lots of other animals. The kids and Amos and I had a really good time. Some photos below are of our adventure.

We spent a few days in Fayetteville and when we got back, we just hung out at home for a few days. Then on Thursday Harrison, Layla, and Dylan went to Nana and Papa's house (my mom and dad's house) to visit. On Saturday they went to Peepaw and Grandma's (Amos' dad's house) and stayed til Sunday. Then it was back to school.
While the older kids were visiting grandparents we worked on our house. We are getting it ready to sell, yes we are moving (just a few streets East). We bought a lot and are planning to build a much wanted bigger house. I will put photos of the process when the time comes.

After asking my 9 year old "What does that say?" several times, I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor. Guess what?, I needed glasses. Layla wanted to take a picture of Dylan and me with our glasses on.

Layla begged me to put curlers in her hair and of course Dylan wanted some also. Aren't they cute. See below for the after photos.

Do you think Dylan wanted her picture taken? Her hair didn't curl anyway, it is too short.

I want to be just like big brother.

Dylan playing in the rain before school.

The following photos are of my 1 year old. Nash is very curious and into everything.
Literally, loves to get in things and take things out of wherever they are supposed to be.
And yes, I left him hanging while I went to get the camera. He was screaming and I was laughing. Is that not horrible of me. Mothers have to find the humor in all things.

He keeps me on my toes!