Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doctor's Offices Make Me Sick

My family has been sick, for the whole month of February. It all started 6 weeks ago.
Nash has fever and is very cranky, so we go see Dr. P on Monday, he has an ear infection.
Layla, who has NEVER been to the doctor for sickness, is sick. The next day, I take her to see Dr. P, but he was booked so we see someone else. She has an ear infection.
The next week on Monday, Nash is still not better, so we go see Dr. P again and wait for 3 hours, he has an ear infection in the other ear.
On Wednesday, Dylan is sick, we go see my sister an APN, in Conway, because she has seen Dylan before and I didn't want to deal with Millard-Henry again. When we get there Mandy wasn't working, so we saw someone else. I spent the next 30 minutes trying to get my 3 year old to use the bathroom so they can check her urine. I give up, my mother says she will try, they come out after 5 minutes with an urine sample and a promise of green gum (I am the mother why didn't I think of gum bribery?). The result is she has a Urinary Tract Infection. I have 3 children on antibiotics.
The next week, Dylan is still having problems, so I call on Wednesday Mandy she says to come in for another Urinalysis, this time my mom would not be with me, but I have the gum bribery ready. It still takes me longer than 5 minutes and purple gum, but she doesn't have an infection anymore. She is still not acting like herself, but we go home anyway.
So the next day, Dylan is getting dressed and I notice she has little red bumps from her neck down, I immediately call Mandy. She asks me lots of questions, and she says it probably just a viral thing, not contagious. On Friday, the bumps are still there, not worse, not better, for my peace of mind, we go see Mandy AGAIN. She is there, but not taking patients, so we see the other doctor. He has no clue what it is, he said it looks like measles without the itching, but he hopes it's not because they will have to quarantine everyone in the clinic WHAT?!?! He keeps saying it can't be measles, and sends us home with some steroids for Dylan and tells me if she has any other symptoms to call immediately. I am a little freaked out about the whole measles thing, but I keep reassuring myself, she has been immunized. On Saturday, the rash is going away, finally. On Sunday, Dylan starts running fever, I immediately call Mandy, she says it probably has nothing to do with it, the rash is almost gone.
On Wednesday, Nash wakes up in the night and throws up 3 times. The next day he is fine.
On Friday, I get antibiotics for an ear infection. Also on Friday, Dylan throws up once and is now fine; Amos doesn't feel well.
Today, Amos is better and Harrison is feeling nausea.
The next week no one has to go to the doctor YEAH! I thought our sickness run was over, no not yet.
Last week, Dylan has had fever everyday, with no other symptoms. I am afraid her UTI had come back, so we head to see Mandy, NO UTI.
The next night, Nash is running a high fever, so we go see Dr. P the next day (Nash's birthday party day), no ear infection, he thinks it is just a virus. Confirmed on our way home when he throws up. NO PARTY!
I am sick of sickness, having it, dealing with it. Most of you know I have Spring allergies, so you won't hear this often, but I am so ready for Spring. The following pics are of party invitation, Nash standing by his cake, and the big cake; we couldn't cancel the cake.

The following is a picture of Layla on their 101st day of school. They got to dress up like dalmatians, the black around her eye was Amos' idea. It did hide her black eye (see previous post).

Sometimes, but not often, I wish my 6 year old didn't know how to read. One day after school, Layla was unpacking her bag, she pulled out a pink paper and said I want to do this. What? I said, she says 'this Valentine Pageant". What? I say again, I don't DO pageants, I am not going to put make-up on my 6 year old. I explain to her, if she really wants to do this, we will find a pretty, reasonably priced, dress, and she will not wear makeup. Being my shy girl, I also explain to her she will have to walk on stage by herself and I am not going to pay for her to enter if she won't do it. She says I will and is sooo excited. So I search every consignment store in Russellville, and found nothing. I finally found a red dress online, under $30, which was my limit, I just love a good deal.
On the day of the pageant, Layla and I have a day of girl fun, she had her hair styled and we head to the pageant. There were about 35 girls of all ages, some were wearing "real" pageant dresses and make-up and others were like Layla, pretty dress and naturally pretty. Of course I think she is the prettiest in her age group, but I don't know what the judges look for. So judgment time comes, she walks and smiles, doesn't fall even waves at the judges (Again, Who's kid is this?). She is so proud of herself and I am just beaming. We are waiting for results and I am giving my "Not everyone Wins" speech, and she says "If I don't win a crown, I want to try again. But if I win I don't think I want to do this again, I will already have a crown." All the more reason, PLEASE let her win. See below for photos and pageant results.

Upward Bball and Cheerleading are over. It was fun, but I am ready to have our Saturdays back.
Acting Classes started back for Harrison, he is very excited. It is on a regular basis I have to ask, can I talk to Harrison, instead of a pirate, Batman, a caveman, and numerous other characters. Some days I hope he can make it as an actor, he is good, even with accents; and then other days I hope he wants to be an architect or something normal. Whatever he decides, I am happy as long as he is happy.

These are some pictures of my kiddos.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Year

I have some catching up to do. I have a couple of good excuses. First of all, I have started working part time again. Second, my computer got a virus and had to visit the doctor, so I was without for awhile. That being said I will catch everyone up:
Happy New Year! We had a few friends over to celebrate. Our good friend, Dan Bullock (Dr. Dan), made a lighted ball to drop at midnight. Since we had lots of kids at our party, our ball dropped at 9 pm. The kids thought this was so much fun.

The next day we visited Uncle Glyn and Aunt Kappy's house. My horse lover (Dylan) had a blast, as well as Harrison and Layla. Nash made a new friend, Cousin Wade.

After we all got settled back into school, Harrison and Layla started Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. I don't know what to do with a cheerleader (she does look real cute in her "costume" as she calls it). I am going to try to talk Layla into playing basketball next year. She says she doesn't want to, she might sweat. Who's kid is this? Harrison is loving playing bball, he knows several boys on his team and is having lots of fun.

Nash was enjoying the game so much he fell asleep.

Nash was getting sleepy and crawled on Harrison and layed there. It was so cute.

Last Friday was the 100th day of school. The kindergartners had to decorate a hat with 100 items on it. Layla put glitter stickers all over her hat.
Yes, Layla has a black eye. Harrison, Layla, and Dylan were playing and somehow Harrison accidentally poked Layla in the eye with a plastic bat.

This is how Nash looks most of the time. His pacifier in his mouth and the tongue sticking out the side. Already multitasking.

Dylan was playing so nice by herself and looking so cute, I had to get a photo. She loves to lay on the floor where the sun shines on it. She is wearing a pirate patch and is playing with some sort of animal (imagine that).