Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Family Fun

I just LOVE Fall. We have been enjoying the cool and dry weather. As always, we have been very busy.
Harrison won 3rd place for design at the AWANA Grand Prix. Amos was a little disappointed, but not surprised he didn't win for speed. That is what happens if you wait until the last minute to make a car. However, Harrison was excited to win a trophy of any kind. Good Job, Amos and Harrison!

Dylan Paige wore Layla's Camo Cutie hat for the letter H to Mother's Day Out. I have to agree, she is a cutie.

Sequoyah's Nifty Fifty's Day

I was not feeling well, so I told Amos, I am going to sleep in the next morning. At 6 am - I hear all the kids up, but I am trying to go back to sleep. Nash is also up and they are all in the living room with the TV on. About 15 minutes later, I hear Layla yelling, "Get mom, quick, it is an emergency." I jump out of bed to go see what is going on. I find Nash walking toward me with an opened bottle of purple nail polish. I look around and it is all over the rug and all over his leg. Nothing like the smell of Fingernail Polish Remover to wake you up.

Nashes first fight at school; I didn't see the other guy, but I don't think Nash won!


On October 30th, I try to find a pumpkin to carve with the kids. I search everywhere, finally I go by Kroger and get the 2nd to last pumpkin. Later, when I get it out of the car, I realize the back is very squishy and we can't carve it. So we improvise, we use glue and glitter. The girls love this, Harrison wasn't too excited.

We were about to head to the Russellville Downtown Fall Festival.

Halloween! 2 tigers, a pumpkin and Ron something from Harry Potter.
We went trick or treating around our neighborhood; the weather was very nice.

Another year has passed and my little girl is now 7. I took Layla and two friends to eat at her favorite restaurant, La Huerta, and then we went to the movies.
Layla 7 months old!

Layla 7 years old!

The following is a sequence of pictures capturing one of Nashes many yelling (for no reason) fits. Yes, he has crackers in his mouth.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bad News - Good News

We have had a pretty exciting past month. I will give the bad news first and then get to the good.

Bad News- I was training for a half-marathon in October and I was doing pretty well for someone who is not a "runner". I felt pain in my ankle after my Tuesday run. I ran 4 miles on Tuesday, 3 miles on Thursday and a 7 mile run on Saturday. I couldn't hardly walk on it all weekend, but it was feeling better. But I decided to have a doctor check it out on the next Thursday. I have a stress fracture and have to wear a walking cast (boot) for six weeks (no more running). I am disappointed and frustrated. I am hoping to get back to training for a half marathon in March after the boot comes off.

Good News-We have been trying to sell our house since June and have had no takers yet. However, on Friday after I got the news of my stress fracture, I got a call from a lady wanting to look at the house on Sunday. I am not very excited, we have showed the house numerous times with no one making an offer. On Sunday, I clean while Amos takes the kids to church. We show it to them, they like it (we have heard this before also). On Monday, the lady calls back and wants to make an offer, I am a little bit excited, but I know a lot can go wrong with banks, appraisals and more. But then she says they are paying cash (WHAT?). I will believe it when I see it in writing. On Thursday, we met with the prospective buyers, they offered what we needed, as is and with no home inspection (WHAT?). This is too good to be true. So obviously we accept. We close in less than a week. Now we are thinking we have to find a rental house until we can build our new home. We look at a few houses and find one, but we decide to ask the buyers if they would consider renting our current house they just bought back to us. Guess what, they said sure, we aren't in any hurry to move yet (WHAT?). This just keeps getting better. We are now renting the house we have lived in for 7 years (no moving, YEAH), while we plan our dream house. We feel very blessed; this house deal has gone so smoothly. We will be starting a new blog about building our new home in the future. I will post the address when we can show some progress.

Now for a few photos:

Nash reading a book and wearing a winter hat.

The girls playing dressup with Nash. I wondered when they would try this. Doesn't he make a cute cheerleader.

The kids on Saturday morning, piling on our bed.

Nash loves to run around naked after a bath. I guess he needed to take a trip with Layla's purple, Hannah Montana suitcase.

Dylan had some dental work done and when her mouth was numb she chewed her lip. So she is slurping applesauce through a straw. Her lip is really swollen and sore. She is one tough girl. She didn't even make a sound or move when getting the shot in her mouth.

Yes, this is Nash wearing high heels. He is also carrying a sword. It is very comical, because he is all boy, loves balls, weapons, and outside. But he is also very into shoes, he does not discriminate between boys and girls shoes. Loves to put any and all shoes on.

Harrison was home sick and I found him looking at a book with Nash. He is such a good brother. My two boys they just make my heart melt.

Finally, it is not raining, the first thing we do is GO OUTSIDE. Harrison and Layla find this furry worm (not the scientific name of it) and are so excited and want a picture of it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dylan Paige turned 4!

Dylan turned 4 at the end of August and we celebrated with family and friends at Nana and Papa's pool. Of course she wanted a horse on her cake.

On a Sunday afternoon we went and ate at our favorite restaurant in Conway, Fuji Steakhouse. Yes, Dylan is using chopsticks, no I am not. All the kids want to try and eat like dad. Harrison is pretty good at using the chopsticks, but Layla and Dylan usually are eating with a fork by the end of the meal.

She is probably calling her agent. She is very dramatic and sassy to boot.

Nash loves to get water out of the refrigerator, however it usually is locked and no water really comes out. But mom forgot to lock it and when I found him he had managed to make a pretty good puddle and get himself real wet too.
He is upset because I locked the refrigerator and he can't continue to make a mess.

Our first few weeks of school have gone well, just trying to get back into a good routine. We also have acting, AWANA-Wednesday night church, gymnastics X 2, piano, and soon we will start church choir and Nutcracker rehearsal. We stay busy, but are having lots of fun. Nash and Dylan started back to Mother's Day Out and are having fun and I am enjoying 5 hours a week without children. It is good for everybody. Amos and I usually have lunch and some adult conversation (usually we talk about the kids, but at least we get to finish a sentence without interruption).

Friday, August 14, 2009

St Louis Vacation

We wanted to take the kids somewhere before school started. So we went to St. Louis on a mini-vacation. The drive there wasn't too bad, it was night, so they just watched movies and slept. On Friday we went to the zoo, it was a very nice day for August. The kids had a good time. At night we went swimming and just relaxed. On Saturday we went to the Arch. The kids thought the Pod Elevator ride up the arch was like a roller coaster, obviously they haven't ever been on a roller coaster. It was hot and slow and claustrophobic. They loved looking out the windows and Nash didn't want to leave. After that we went to the City Museum. We had never heard of this museum and decided to go on a recommendation from a friend. Thanks Amanda, we had so much fun. It was an old Shoe Factory some man converted into an eclectic museum made out of junk. It had slides, climbing things, caves, art studio, play areas, building blocks, secret passages and more stuff than I can tell or recall. The only complaint was the elevator. I had the double stroller and Nash had fallen asleep, so to get from floor to floor we had to use the only, small elevator. It was so small the stroller and myself could only fit, so I had to wait til no one was in the elevator, so we could get on. Otherwise, everyone had a blast. They also had an outdoor feature and Amos went through it with Dylan. That night we went to Landry's Seafood Restaurant and ate some GOOD food. Sunday, we drove home and it didn't go so well. Nash is not the best traveler, and he proved it. He wouldn't take a nap, so we had to entertain him the whole way. We used anything we had; balls, colors, toys, and a variety of food. Nothing made him happy for very long, but the chocolate ice cream made for a funny photo. See slide show below. Slide show not working, here are a few pictures:


P -Princess and Parks
H -Haircuts and Hiking
A -Art Camp
M -Messes by Nash
B -Bugs and Bikes
A -Acting Camp
T -Toothless
S -Swimming

We have been very busy and having lots of fun! See below for a lot of pictures.

No, Nash was not in a fight. Well maybe, he was attacked by a mosquito and lost. Mosquitos love him and I can't find anything to keep them away.

Messes by Nash!

Layla lost her 1st tooth. The toothfairy brought her a $2 bill.

Before Nash's haircut.

After, He looks so big.

While Amos was out of town, I decided to take the kids to a local park.

Dylan received an early birthday present from Nana. Her 1st bicycle and she is loving it.

Dylan had her first swimming lesson. She can already swim, we call her the "pickle fish". For whoever does not know, Dylan's nickname is Dill Pickle (Papa gave it to her), and lots of variations of that. I call her Pickle Paige. Dad started the Pickle Fish, because she can swim like a fish. The following pics are at Ms. Melanie's swimming lesson.

We went to Petit Jean Mountain on a Saturday in July and it wasn't hot. We went hiking, had a picnic and played at the park. The kids are really starting to love hiking as much as Amos and I do.

I look away for one minute and this is what Nash is doing. Yes another mess!

Harrison made this with the big legos. It is the first initial of each family member. I thought it was very creative.

Layla went to the River Valley Art Camp and this is all her creations. She had so much fun.

Layla is showing off her new short hair cut. It makes her look older, I don't like that, but it is very cute on her.

Dylan is probabaly going to hate me for this when she is older, but I just couldn't resist a photo. "Princess and the Pee"