Thursday, September 4, 2008


Our power went out Tuesday night at 8:30pm, just as we were putting the kids to bed. It was nice, no TV, no Internet; Amos and I played cards by candlelight and talked without interruptions or distractions (I know it is a strange and rare thing). I couldn't sleep because there was not ONE sound in the house. Note that I said WAS nice, when we woke up and still no power, it was hectic getting everyone ready for school and work. By 10 am I was going crazy, Dylan kept asking to watch The Backyardigans and to help her turn on the lights, so we went to Hastings and Dylan had a muffin, I had some much needed coffee and we looked at books. After we got home and the kids were napping, I couldn't do my normal stuff, wash clothes, check email, and pick up the house (I wasn't sad about this one). I was lost and would I dare say a little bored until...Amos has to leave work because his dad's house is about to have Hacker Creek in it. So before school lets out I load up Dylan and Nash in Amos' truck (move car seats) and meet Amos at Lowes so he can get sand bags. I move car seats again to Amos' company truck and race back home before the school bus. They managed the water pretty well at Don's house, it did get in the house, but they moved most of the furniture and appliances up one level. So Wednesday night we go to church for AWANA, we ordered pizza for supper, I couldn't cook (not sad about this one either just inconvenient). With all this going on, I can't open my freezer or refrigerator for fear of the food ruining. I am beginning to think Hotel, because most of our friends don't have power, either of our parents don't have power. Amos shot that idea down saying, "we can rough it". So when we got home from church, Amos is hooking up a generator to our refrigerator. We get the kids in bed and I read a book by headlamp, I couldn't see by candlelight. It was okay, I am getting used to it being soundless in the house. After I was asleep maybe 30 minutes, the power came on and ALL the lights came on at Midnight in the Turnipseed house. So I have come to the conclusion I can make it 26 hours with no power as long as school is still in session, Hastings has power and coffee, and we have a generator. I don' have any pictures of our dark house, it was sort of depressing (older house equals few windows). I am posting a new beach photo, this is the best picture with all my kiddos.