Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer-aka BUSY!

I am not starting off very well, two weeks has gone by and I haven't written anything. I have a good excuse, two weeks of swimming lessons (twice a day) NOT back to back. It has been crazy around here. I didn't have a chance to go grocery shopping this past week (Taco Villa, Little Caesars, CJ's Burger all in one week). My wallet and my waist are glad these past two weeks are over.
I am posting a few photos of what we have been doing over the summer:
Layla at her pre-school graduation (last minute photo as we are leaving) Harrison at basketball camp with his friend Dylan (Harrison received Good Sportsmanship) Layla and her friend Hailey at cheer leading camp Dylan at Valleyfest on the HUGE blowup slide (it was very hot-note the red face) Layla and Harrison on the climbing wall at Valleyfest (they both made it to the top) Amos and Nash at Nana's pool (his 1st swim) Nash chewing on his favorite toy of the day, Mr. Ducky My beautiful children on 4th of July.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hello Fellow Bloggers

Yes, I have succumbed to peer pressure. It was fairly painless, starting a blog, now if I can just keep up with it. I am not as good with words as Amos, but I will give it a shot. The photo to the right is the first photo of all 4 of my kids together. Aren't they cute, I might be a little partial. The photo above is of Easter Sunday. I will try and post a photo or 2 every week for my faraway family and friends.