Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Cheer

My sweet kids made Christmas presents for mom and dad at school. Am I the only one who absolutely love getting paintings or pictures using body parts from my children? Here are Harrison and Layla's creations:

I found a hat Nash would leave on his head without screaming. He didn't leave it on for very long.

We had a wonderful Christmas and the days before and after were eventful as well. Amos, Nash and I were in the Living Nativity at our church, it was very cold but we were bundled and Nash was perfect (I do mean perfect, sat in the same spot for the whole 30 minutes). I usually can't get him to be still for 5 minutes. It was a lot of fun.

Layla had a friend over and we made sugar cookies.

This was supposed to be a photo of the family before we go to church for Christmas; I am sure you noticed we are missing an important person, my wonderful husband, he was sick.

This was on Christmas morning with there gifts from Santa.

What does Dylan Paige absolutely love? If you don't know, I am sure you can tell from the picture. Most of the family gave her some sort of horse stuff or accessories (stuffed, My Little Pony's, shirt with horse on it, boots with spurs), I took this picture of only horses she got for Christmas. That does not include horses she already had. If you ask her what she wants to be when she gets big, her answer "a horse".

Finally, a family Christmas photo, this was taken at my mom and dad's on Christmas Day.

The next three photos are at Peepaw's and Grandma's house, the day after Christmas. I am horrible I didn't get any photos of any other family members there.

This is Nash smiling (squinting and wrinkling his nose). What is up with the hair?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So after Thanksgiving we took a short trip to Branson to see the lights and visit with Santa. It was very cold, but it was nice to get away. You will see the photo with Santa in the newsletter (time of delivery-hopefully BEFORE Christmas).

Church on the Trail of Lights
When we got home I thought it was time to get in the Christmas Spirit. All I wanted was some cute pictures of my children with a Santa hat or reindeer antlers- I guess 3 out of 4 is not too bad.

I love putting up my tree and setting out all the decorations. However, this year I have a 9 month old who gets into everything, unlike my previous three (they would sit and not bother anything), so I decided to put up two very small trees in a corner and block it with a chair and some big toys. Somehow my son found his way back there and pulled the tree over, I am so glad I didn't put up my big tree.



This past week we went to the Russellville Christmas Parade, we have done this every year since Amos and I were married. It was extremely cold, but we weren't, we had on so many layers and blankets over us. It didn't hurt that we were also drinking hot chocolate. It was a good time.

Saturday Harrison had his 1st piano recital, he has only been taking lessons since October. He had two very short songs, and I am proud to say he played them perfectly. This is a picture of him with his teacher Mrs. Greer.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Background for Thanksgiving

I have changed my blog background in honor of Thanksgiving. It is the holiday between Halloween and Christmas, I know it is hard to tell. I noticed in stores and businesses Christmas decor, ornaments, gift boxes, and anything you need or want for Christmas. What happened to Thanksgiving: turkeys, leaf platters, cornucopias and most important being thankful? It seems everything is so commercialized; we have skipped right over Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving (you know I won't post again until probably December).
"Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" 2 Corinthians 9:15

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Festivities

I know it has been awhile. We have had lots of activities and yes I have lots of pictures. We are enjoying this beautiful weather, we can finally play in our yard without getting eat up by mosquitoes.
I will start with Harrison, he won 3rd place in the AWANA (our church's Wednesday night youth activity) Grand Prix. Amos and Harrison made a car out of a block of pine wood and I painted it with a little help from Harrison.

Layla learned to ride her bike without training wheels. So guess what she is asking Santa to bring her?

We were going to Russellville's Downtown Fall Fest, it is a lot of fun and we get to see people we haven't seen in a while. The shirts are my poor attempt at being crafty (at least I could keep up with them). The next photo is of Layla with a Cyclone painted on her face (yes, I said Cyclone, that is hard for me to get used to).

Nash has figured out how to pull up, but he doesn't know what to do next. He is getting so big. He is a very fast crawler and I lose him quite regularly.

This is our Halloween Photo: Harrison is Iron Man; Layla and Dylan are cheerleaders (this is something else I can't get used to either-they love cheerleading); Nash is our little cow
We went trick or treating around our neighborhood, we had a lot of fun.

The next photos are of Layla at her 6th Birthday party. I took her and 5 of her friends to High School Musical 3. We had so much fun, yes I enjoyed it also.

This past Sunday was the first weekend of deer season . The women and children of the family have been going on Sunday to Deer Camp for more than 25 years. The first photo is my dad or Papa to my kids.

The second photo is of all Granny Baker's great-grand children:
On the ground: Tristan (Mandy-my sister's boy-20 months old)
On the log: Grace (Sara-my cousin's girl-9), Ty (Bethany-my cousin's boy-2), Layla holding Nash, Harrison holding Lucus (Stuart-my cousin's boy-10 months old), Lydia (Stuart's girl-2), Chloe (Bethany' girl-5), Quintin (Brian-my cousin's boy-4)
Standing: Jacob (Sara's boy-16) holding Dylan Paige

That is what we have been up to this past month. Busy and loving it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks Ang, I love thinking about weird facts about myself. I will try to come up with 7, its not that I don't have any, just which ones would I like to share.

Some random or weird facts:
  1. I love a neat house and try to keep one with 4 kids, but my office/kids craft/music room is one big pile of mess. Maybe because it has an identity problem.
  2. I took guitar lessons for 5 years (in elementary school) and can't play one note now.
  3. I once made 100 free throws in a row at HHS.
  4. I have been pregnant and/or nursing since 1999.
  5. I had too many projects and other things on my To Do List, I threw it away (I was getting stressed).
  6. I enjoy being a chauffeur to 4 kids, if I wasn't busy I would lose my mind.
  7. I have read 17 books this year.
Everyone I know with blogs have already been tagged. If you are reading this and you have a blog I don't know about let me know. I love reading them, and feeling connected.

Family Fun

I know it has been awhile. I have no excuse, just very busy. I thought I would give you insight into my world for one week (things we have every week). Sunday...a.m. church; p.m. dinner at Hughes house; Monday...p.m. Harrison acting; Tuesday...a.m. Dylan-Mother's Day Out(MDO); p.m. Layla gymnastics; Wednesday...a.m. Dylan gymnastics; p.m. Awana Church; Thursday...a.m. Dylan MDO; p.m. Harrison piano lessons and Game Night at our house; Friday...p.m. Movie Night at our house; Saturday...see the following

We recently went to our next door neighbor's daughter's 2nd birthday party. They had a county fair in there front yard, petting zoo, games, bump n jump, hot dogs, popcorn, and cupcakes. The kids had so much fun...photos below.

The following pictures are when we went to the Lock and Dam Park. It was so nice outside and the kids were very hungry and tired after. We ate at CJ's Burger, the best burger and fries in Russellville. The kids call it the place that has root beer and a jukebox. It is an experience in its self according to them.

For Amos' birthday we went to the Mid-America Museum, he had been wanting to see the Body's Exhibit. Amos' dad and Myra met us there. The kids had a ball and Amos enjoyed the exhibit. I opted not to go in with the 2 younger kids; besides I didn't really want to see it. Then we ate at On the Border (I probably would have not enjoyed lunch if I had went in), it was a "good fun" family day.


Dylan has had a hard time adjusting to playing by herself while Layla and Harrison are at school. She usually picks one toy or stuffed animal and plays with it all day. Her most recent toy is a unicorn whom she named Acorn. I am not sure where she came up with the name. I think it is very creative.

Cute picture of my 7 month old, 22 lbs of mess. He has a bit of a temper, if you don't do the right thing and do it quickly, he will let you know. He can get up on all fours, but does not know what to do from there. It won't be long and I will have to get out the gates.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Our power went out Tuesday night at 8:30pm, just as we were putting the kids to bed. It was nice, no TV, no Internet; Amos and I played cards by candlelight and talked without interruptions or distractions (I know it is a strange and rare thing). I couldn't sleep because there was not ONE sound in the house. Note that I said WAS nice, when we woke up and still no power, it was hectic getting everyone ready for school and work. By 10 am I was going crazy, Dylan kept asking to watch The Backyardigans and to help her turn on the lights, so we went to Hastings and Dylan had a muffin, I had some much needed coffee and we looked at books. After we got home and the kids were napping, I couldn't do my normal stuff, wash clothes, check email, and pick up the house (I wasn't sad about this one). I was lost and would I dare say a little bored until...Amos has to leave work because his dad's house is about to have Hacker Creek in it. So before school lets out I load up Dylan and Nash in Amos' truck (move car seats) and meet Amos at Lowes so he can get sand bags. I move car seats again to Amos' company truck and race back home before the school bus. They managed the water pretty well at Don's house, it did get in the house, but they moved most of the furniture and appliances up one level. So Wednesday night we go to church for AWANA, we ordered pizza for supper, I couldn't cook (not sad about this one either just inconvenient). With all this going on, I can't open my freezer or refrigerator for fear of the food ruining. I am beginning to think Hotel, because most of our friends don't have power, either of our parents don't have power. Amos shot that idea down saying, "we can rough it". So when we got home from church, Amos is hooking up a generator to our refrigerator. We get the kids in bed and I read a book by headlamp, I couldn't see by candlelight. It was okay, I am getting used to it being soundless in the house. After I was asleep maybe 30 minutes, the power came on and ALL the lights came on at Midnight in the Turnipseed house. So I have come to the conclusion I can make it 26 hours with no power as long as school is still in session, Hastings has power and coffee, and we have a generator. I don' have any pictures of our dark house, it was sort of depressing (older house equals few windows). I am posting a new beach photo, this is the best picture with all my kiddos.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vacation, School, and Party

My favorite picture of the week. Nash is 5 1/2 months, has 2 teeth and weighs a whopping 20 lbs. He is a chunky monkey. We were sitting out by the pool. He looks like such a big boy sitting up so tall.

I didn't realize it had been 5 weeks since my last post. Whoa! Time flies when your having fun and going to the beach, getting ready for school to start, and planning a party. I will try to do better now that we have more routine in our lives.
We went to the beach the week right before school started, what was I thinking? We had so much fun. We went with 2 other families, so we had 1 Uhaul trailer, 6 adults and 11 children in one BIG house. It was surprisingly relaxing and the kids had a blast.

After we got back from our trip, Harrison and Layla started school. Layla is loving Kindergarten and I am enjoying having 2 kids at home. Below is Layla's 1st day.

Dylan turned 3 on Monday, and we had her party at my mom's house. She wanted a horse cake (so she could eat the head) and she wanted to swim in Nana's pool.